Monetha App


The Monetha Platform is a modular blockchain-based technology. It enables any person, organization, or service to interact directly with any other person, organization, or service, with trust and privacy.

The platform features secure and tamper-proof exchange of public and sensitive information, with a full audit trail, ability to instantly verify data, built-in incentivization and scoring mechanisms.

The platform’s functionality is split among multiple layers, which can be used separately or in tandem to accommodate to your business needs.

Action layer

  • Customizable business logic layer
  • Uses underlying components to facilitate specific positive or negative actions (such as payments or claims) with built-in reputation scoring


Scoring layer

  • Uses an Evidence-Based Subjective Logic algorithm
  • Based on underlying data management infrastructure
  • Robust against score counterfeiting attacks


Verifiable Data layer

  • Standartized data storage schemas
  • Contextual data storage/exchange logic
  • Private data handling: encryption, exchange
  • Verifiable evidences of data sources


Distributed ledger & storage

  • Supported ledgers: Ethereum, Quorum
  • Storage security and data ownership
  • Low level access control
  • Incentivization (depends on the type of ledger)


React and React Native
Using these tools we ware able to create faster and complex interface for any computer and mobile browsers. It allows to render components differently in a single page, but also it can be reused in other pages as well.


Peekdata "Reporting engine" is a perfect addition to your existing data collection pipeline and storage solutions. "Report builder" enriches your product with a powerful reporting module and "Data API gateway" provides you a flexible and standardized way of programmatic data querying stored across various databases (RDMBS or Columnar type).
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