Consulting & Managed Technology

Consulting and Managed Technologies


Our consultant will provide a high-level consultancy to improve your cyber security maturity. The consultancy gives you a tangible view of where your strengths and weaknesses are, and prioritisation to address them. Additionally, you can quickly see your current and desired maturity rates – all in a format that is easily presentable to the board.

Our consultants have been instrumental in providing reasoned advice and support in delivery of technical solutions, policies and procedures, and cyber and information risk management strategies. All of these aim to reduce the risk of cyber-attacks that are faced by their business.

Our team's delivered consultancy services include global practice, and this is supported where required by the technical skillset provided by our Penetration Testing and Managed Technologies services which incorporates threat intelligence function.

With our security team, the client can get Managed Technologies Services for Network and End-Point Monitoring. By means of the Network Traffic Analyser, we define infected workstations inside the client network, even with encrypted traffic. AI technologies / Machine Learning, which constantly adapt to a client-specific network, will detect any small deviations from normal.

For example: an employee who becomes too active outside of his normal hours, or if a system administrator has gone rogue, etc. So, with an endpoint agent, we can see even more down to the core processes on a PC, and do machine learning on that too. Therefore, we can see if any of the key parameters are unusual compared to normal activity – both in terms of time of day or week, amount of data, type of device, type of software, recipient, etc. We do also capture ALL raw data, as well as encrypted data. It is then possible to decrypt, to do deep level forensics after a cyber incident if needed.

Our team integration with cloud service providers /partners is also welcomed.