Intranet Solutions

Solutionlab offers an O365/SharePoint Online based Intranet solutions that come packed with many useful and business supportive out-of-the-box features and tools.

Solutionlab`s out-of-the-box intranet allows your company to use and enjoy all the Microsoft O365/SharePoint Online benefits and have additional custom features and functionalities that help improve collaboration, communication, productivity, and engagement of your employees. 


  • O365/SharePoint Online based
  • Know-how and best practices of content organization/management proven in enterprise companies
  • Custom branding according to customer brand colors
  • Adjustable, responsive, mobile look & feel (desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile)
  • Global & local news and stories
  • Fast people search
  • Targeted Local links and IT notifications
  • Spotlight, coming holidays, coming birthdays, world clock
  • Organizations sites and locations map
  • Vocation requests & upcoming holidays app
  • Local & team sites
  • Built-in Google Analytics integration
  • Numerous pre-built workflows to support various business needs - Approval, collect signatures, feedback, disposal approval, etc.
  • Completely redesigned and optimized Search Center
  • Collect Feedback functionality

Solutionlab suggests two licensing options for the Intranet solution: SaaS licensing model (monthly subscription) or lifetime license (allows clients to use the solution for an unlimited period of time).

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