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Rootshell Security, the company transforming cyber threat management, announced its partnership with SolutionLab, a leading software development and IT consultancy company.
Rootshell Security partner of SolutionLab

SolutionLab Partners with Rootshell Security

The partnership modernizes SolutionLab’s cybersecurity solutions by offering Rootshell’s Prism Platform and industry-leading testing services to its enterprise clients.

Consolidating their threat assessments results in a single, vendor-agnostic platform, SolutionLab’s clients can now manage and measure their security posture from one centralized hub, streamline collaboration and remediation workflows, gain greater context of their vulnerabilities, and leverage the interconnected testing and assessment services that power the Prism ecosystem.

With the reliability that comes with being CREST certified, Rootshell’s RedForce testing team of ethical hackers can be deployed by SolutionLab to undertake penetration tests, application testing, and red team engagements, which test whether a client could be breached ‘by any means necessary’ (pre-approved by the client).

SolutionLab clients can also leverage the Rootshell Security Operations Centre (SOC) to deliver Managed Vulnerability Scanning (MVS), including the removal of false positives, and execute a range of phishing assessments, including bespoke spear-phishing and intelligence-led phishing assessments.

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