Application Modernization

Our services in Application Modernization focus on migrating legacy systems to new applications or platforms. This includes integrating new functionality to equip businesses with the latest features and capabilities

Application Modernization

SolutionLab Application Modernization services encompass activities such as application evolution, redesign, reengineering, and cloud migration, aiming to lower maintenance costs while enhancing features, performance, security, and scalability. 

Our services in Application Migrations, Upgrading, Tailoring and Adaptation:

  • Website migrations (like: from Sitecore to Umbraco, etc.)
  • Umbraco upgrading to new versions
  • Web application migrations (like: from Legacy systems to Umbraco, etc.)
  • Migration of Websites from Cloud to Cloud, from on-premise to cloud, etc.
  • Mobile App migrations (like: from Legacy technologies to Flutter or React Native, etc.)
  • Corporate Web Application modernizations (like: MS SharePoint migrations to new version, MS SharePoint migrations from on-premise to Cloud, etc.)

The benefits of modernizing legacy IT systems

  • Performance and speed. Better performance and faster changes.
  • Availability and scalability. Streamlined software architecture and limitless cloud resources.
  • Integrity. Modern platforms and integrated services enhance team collaboration, fostering smoother workflows.
  • More user friendly. Enhanced user experience provides better productivity, creativity, and innovation.
  • Increased Security. Introducing robust software design and coding practices, proficient security testing, and integrated regulatory compliance measures.
  • Alignment with up-to-date business processes.
  • Cloud native. Unlimited resources and availability  across geographies, business units and parties.
  • Easier further development. Updated technical documentation, adaptable architecture and clear, reusable code. 

Certified Microsoft and Umbraco Platinum Partner

We are long-term Microsoft Certified and Umbraco Platinum partners, proving our competences and experience.

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