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Nilfisk is a leading global provider of professional cleaning products and services.

About project

The company was founded on a vision of producing and selling products of the highest quality worldwide and for more than a hundred years, Nilfisk has adapted to the changing needs of markets and customers with innovative products and solutions. One of those solutions is the Nilfisk website.

Nilfisk website is a super flexible Umbraco CMS based solution packed with high-class features, useful integrations and a modern design to serve worldwide leading company's needs.

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Why Umbraco CMS?

Umbraco is a powerful open source Content Management System built on Microsoft .NET technology stack. Umbraco itself is a neat and clean platform, which is a delight to work on for content editors. In addition to that, it's flexibility allows you easily extend your website with custom features, design and integrations with external systems or applications. And Nilfisk website is an excellent example of that!

Reach your customers all over the world

For a worldwide company, one of the most important things is the ability to have a website that unites all people from all countries in the world. And we deliver.

Multilingual Nilfisk website:

  • Supports 50+ languages
  • Has integration with translations agencies, which means - no more manual translating, everything on site is translated by the agencies through our API.


Clean and modern design to catch your eye!

We go side by side with our client's values, vision and mission. As Nilfisk makes the world cleaner and brighter with their innovative cleaning products, so do we - with a clean, modern and catchy design of their website!

Easy content management

Managing content in Umbraco is easy, fast and peaceful (read more about it here). But sometimes you need a little bit more, to ease your work as a content editor, for example - when you have thousands of products presented on your website.

Nilfisk website is designed to save the time for its creative content editors and let them focus on breathtaking campaigns, instead of constantly updating product information.

Integration with other company's systems allows us to synchronize all needed information with Nilfisk website, ensuring that customers will always see true product information, eliminating delays on product sales due to workload of content editors, and empowering Nilfisk to focus on driving the market.

And the cherry on top - Performance

There is nothing worse than a beautiful, functional site that works slow and is unbearable to use. With Umbraco CMS with all those custom integrations and amazing design on top, you won't need to worry about performance.


  • Umbraco CMS is a clean and neat solution which aims to keep it simple and fast
  • The platform is constantly updated with improvements and security patches
  • We will ensure that all custom functionalities and integrations are optimized and has a top-notch performance

Why choose us?

We are certified Umbraco partners with developers who are skilled Umbraco experts. We have a robust set of experience and knowledge in this field gathered while working on multiple incredible and challenging projects which are using Umbraco for their remarkable businesses.

We are continually extending our expertise in the area, up-to-date to the newest technologies and practices, and we firmly believe that we can deliver an excellent experience for our clients.