Peekdata "Reporting engine" is a perfect addition to your existing data collection pipeline and storage solutions.

About project

"Report builder" enriches your product with a powerful reporting module and "Data API gateway" provides you a flexible and standardized way of programmatic data querying stored across various databases (RDMBS or Columnar type).

With our solution you will significantly reduce your development and maintenance effort in building reports, dashboards, data exports, and other data-driven features in your applications.

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Powerful Tools for Performance

Your development team will get full transparency on performance, end-to-end dimensions, and metrics usage together with full control on configuration, execution priorities, sharing rules and a possibility to combine data from multiple sources.

  • Data API Gateway: an abstraction layer (SOAP/REST APIs) on top of your data structures for programmatic data querying

  • Report Builder: JavaScript based components to easily add analytics and reporting capabilities to your application

While Data API Gateway can be used separately, Report Builder depends entirely on the latter.

Data API

Access all your data via single point Data API and make it easy for developers and data experts to collaboratively model the analytics domain. 

  • Flexible abstraction layer for programmatic data access
  • Single point of data access
  • Extensive transparency
  • Robust querying and routing engine

Self-Service Analytics

No more hardcoded SQL queries. Create a complex, custom-tailored analytics experience. 

  • One API interface no matter where and how you want to display your data
  • Built-in metrics and dimensions compatibility validation
  • Extensive Documentation 
  • Templates for the different languages and frameworks