CEO's perspective: NIS2 vs DORA

CEO's perspective: NIS2 vs DORA

In the vast landscape of digital operations and financial services, two guiding lights have recently emerged: the NIS2 Directive and DORA (Digital Operational Resilience Act). Both are vital compasses, charting our course through the intricate waters of cybersecurity and operational resilience. Today, I want to share my reflections on these two directives, drawing comparisons and shedding light on their unique roles in our journey.

The Essence of NIS2 and DORA

At their core, both NIS2 and DORA are born from a recognition,- that the digital realm (while filled with opportunities) is not without its challenges. They serve as lighthouses, guiding enterprises through potential pitfalls and ensuring smooth sailing.

NIS2: is a broad directive, that is all about strengthening the digital infrastructure of the European Union. It's about the recognition of vulnerabilities, ensuring robust defenses, and fostering a culture of collective cybersecurity. It covers a wide range of sectors and entities that provide essential or important services to society and the economy, such as energy, transport, health, banking, digital infrastructure, and public administration.

DORA: Tailored more towards the financial sector, it underscores the importance of operational resilience. In an industry where a single glitch can have ripple effects, DORA aims to ensure that digital tools, systems, and services are robust, reliable, and, above all, resilient. It sets out uniform rules for financial entities and their ICT third-party service providers to prevent and mitigate ICT-related disruptions and threats.

Distinct Pathways, Common Goals

While NIS2 and DORA might seem like two separate pathways, they converge toward a common destination: a secure and stable digital landscape.

Scope and Application: NIS2 is expansive, encompassing a wide array of sectors and focusing on the broader cybersecurity landscape. DORA, on the other hand, is specialized, homing in on the financial sector's unique challenges and ensuring that this crucial industry remains unfaltering in the face of digital threats.

Training and Oversight: Both directives emphasize the importance of continuous learning and oversight. NIS2 advocates for management bodies to be well-versed in cybersecurity risks, ensuring informed leadership. DORA, in its niche, pushes for similar knowledge-sharing, ensuring that financial entities are always a step ahead in their digital resilience strategies.

The Dance of Synergy

In the grand ballet of digital operations, NIS2 and DORA are not solo performers; they are partners, moving in tandem.

Complementary Strengths: While NIS2 lays the groundwork for a secure digital landscape, DORA dives deep into the financial sector's nuances, ensuring that one of the economy's pillars remains unshakeable. Their combined strength offers a holistic protection framework.

Shared Vision: Both directives share a vision of a European Union that is digitally advanced yet secure. They recognize the balance between innovation and security, ensuring that progress doesn't come at the cost of stability.

The Challenges Ahead

While NIS2 and DORA offer clear guidance and direction for our digital journey, they also pose significant challenges that we need to overcome.

Implementation and Compliance: Both directives require us to implement appropriate and proportionate measures to manage cybersecurity risks and prevent incidents. This entails investing in resources, technology, and personnel to ensure compliance with the rules. Moreover, we need to report any major incidents or breaches to the relevant authorities within a specified timeframe.

Coordination and Cooperation: Both directives also call for enhanced coordination and cooperation among various stakeholders at national and EU levels. This involves sharing information and intelligence on cyber threats and vulnerabilities with other entities in our sector or across sectors. It also involves working closely with national cybersecurity authorities and supervisory bodies to ensure alignment with regulatory standards.

Musings from the Helm

As we sail forward, charting our course in this digital age, the twin beacons of NIS2 and DORA serve as invaluable guides. They remind us that in our pursuit of digital excellence, resilience, and security are not mere checkpoints but essential destinations.

In sharing these reflections, I hope to offer a deeper understanding of these directives and their interplay. In the intricate tapestry of the digital world, threads of cybersecurity and operational resilience weave together, creating a fabric that is both robust and dynamic.

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Zoja Antuchevič

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