Solutioners Talk Tech: Zoja

Solutioners Talk Tech: Zoja

Who are Solutioners and what are their opinions on all things tech? In this blog series, we’ll be asking important questions and getting interesting answers. Today, we’ll be discussing cybersecurity with Zoja Antuchevič, CEO & Partner at SolutionLab.

Working in an organization focused on transforming IT into an enabler of innovation for businesses, Zoja is constantly looking at the big picture and seeking out the latest cybersecurity trends and innovations. With more than 15 years of experience in the field, she is focused on maintaining SolutionLab’s status as a reliable partner to clients.

Some of the most impactful achievements of the cybersecurity industry are the innovative security products and experienced professionals who are safeguarding organizations’ people, networks, and data. Zoja says that she looks up to many cybersecurity experts from different areas, sectors, each having unique mindsets. “I believe that community and knowledge sharing are key for the industry to evolve and make an impact on people’s lives”, says Zoja.

On the other hand, the industry is still failing in the areas of education and awareness-raising. To address this, we need to invest more in cyber hygiene education in schools and more extensive workplace training. One noteworthy example of a cybersecurity disaster is the Aramco attack — the biggest oil company in the world, located in Saudi Arabia. Everything began when an employee clicked on a link in a phishing email, however, it might not be fair to blame everything on one person: if their IT systems had been patched and updated, this wouldn’t have been so disastrous. That’s why Zoja is a fan of a cyber fire drills, as they help build experience and resilience to withstand real-life attacks.

What in the tech world excites Zoja? “The most exciting subfield to work in right now, in my opinion, is merging IT and OT. As we continue to move towards a digital world with IoT and smart cities, it’s essential to consider the security implications of connecting everything to the network.” When talking about the future, Zoja predicts a global cybersecurity system without divisions into different sectors. To achieve this goal, she says, we will have to use the utmost common sense and resilience. “We have to make cybersecurity knowledge and products more accessible to the ordinary public. This way, we’ll evolve towards a brighter cyber future”.

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Zoja Antuchevič